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Communication Plan

your roadmap to a clear story

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Communication Plan is a new initiative of Stejconnected and PeppCreative. Two commercial, creative and customer-oriented entrepreneurs who are combining all available communication tools, online and offline.

When you want to tell the story of your company, a complete set of communication tools is available. Especially with the upcoming of the internet and social media, the possibilities are almost endless. Basically we all use the same tools, a website, social media, corporate identity, pictures, appearance of your building or store, a brochure, leaflet, etc.
How you use these tools differs of course for every company. Finding the right mix and combining the online communication tools in the right way with the traditional ones is often like a jigsaw puzzle.

Communication Plan developed a step-by-step plan to create your own personal roadmap. Step by step, unique for every company and in your own speed, starting with the basics to a professional communication strategy.

The roadmap to a clear story begins with the basis of a good website, but nowadays the online and offline communication must fit together seamlessly to reach your customer effectively.

We will help you to find and implement your personal roadmap to clear story.

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