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StejConnected, connecting Customers, Companies and Cultures

Customer-oriented thinking is deeply rooted in our veins, we know what customers want on any level, in any sector and in even in multiple cultures. We are sparring-partner for the communication of your company, help you to reconnect with existing customers or develop new business in your target areas. How? Call us and find out!

Sales- & Marketing partner

Customers are companies most valuable asset and they have changed! The world entered a whole new era where your customers have defined a complete set of new rules. The reasons for this are obvious. Internet accesibility and a worldwide crises gave back the power to the customers. What does it mean for your company? Are you still connecting with your most important and loyal customers? Where do I find new customers and how do I engage with them? READ MORE


Communication manager

Communication is a key factor for success! As an entrepreneur you’re often too busy or may have too little knowledge to take a serious look at the communication of your company or brand. Communication Plan is your communication manager and can take care of all your online and offline communication tools. CLICK HERE to find out more. 

Business development

Business development in Africa requires more than experience in your own field of work. It requires a completely different mindset. We understand the African business culture, the way people communicate and the high demand of quality products and services. Do you have a long term vision to develop sustainable business? Are you willing to invest enough time, energy and money to make it work? And most important of all, do you have an open mind and can you let go of almost all basic business rules you have learned? READ MORE